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Volkswagen caddy van camper

Here you will discover the process of converting your empty panel van into your dream camper!

Most people say that converting a van into a camper costs thousands of pounds. But it really doesn’t have to. All three of my conversions have cost around £500.

I understand that some people like to add more items into their conversions that will increase the cost, such as a kitchen and/or bathroom with electrics, gas and running water. Likewise, if you have a bigger van then the cost will go up.

Just like anything in life, you can spend more money on the fancy stuff. But if you’re like me and only have a small budget to work with and are willing to do the work yourself. You can convert a van into a campervan for under £1000.

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January 2020

I decided to buy my first van, which after lots of research, turned out to be a Volkswagen caddy maxi. This turned out to be an ex British gas work van. I then started my journey of converting this van into my first day van/camper and thus my love for vanlife began. I had no idea what I was doing and struggled to find any information about converting a Volkswagen caddy into a camper. Therefore, I decided to create ‘how to’ videos to help others in the same situation as me.

March 2021

As I loved converting my first van so much. I decided to do another one and learn from my mistakes, filming the whole process.

July 2021

I bought my third van! In the summer I decided that I really wanted to upgrade from my current mk3 caddy to a mk4 caddy.


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