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Here are the best places to look when buying a VAN!

January 22, 2023

Are you looking at buying a van? Here are my top tips for where to look when buying yourself a van. Whether that be new van or a second hand van.

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Where can you find a van to convert in the UK?

1. Autotrader is my first go to.

They are by far the biggest used van site and have some really helpful filtering tools. There seem to be loads of vans posted on Autotrader so I always head there first.

2. Gumtree

Dozens of vans get listed on here every day all across the country, and many people use this and not Auto Trader when selling. However, these typically tend to be private sellers and less trade sellers.

3. Facebook

Facebook can be great when buying used vans. Many people list vans on Facebook and not on other sites. You can always join groups targeted for the brand and model of van you are looking for. For example, you can join ‘Volkswagen crafter owners group’. In these groups many people share their experiences and also vans for sale. These also offer you the opportunity to ask questions to those who may already own (or have owned) a converted van.

4. Local Garages

Local garages always have vans for sale. However, you will likely pay more from a garage then from a private seller. A great benefit from garages is that you can request to test drive a van, which gives you a great opportunity to check how it drives and have a closer inspection.

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